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# International Day of the country

On a day in which the uncertainty about the "brexit" overflows the almighty European Union and the change in Andalusia concentrates the national political news, the Topic trending is the croquette .

It will be because noon is approaching and it is time for an aperitif, it is time to claim this recipe that is modernized and adds to all the trends, such as having a world day.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the croquette is defined as: "portion of dough, generally round or oval, made with a mince of ham, meat, fish, egg or other ingredients, which, linked with béchamel, is coated in egg and bread grated and fried in abundant oil ".

Origin of the croquette

In a quick dive on the Internet there is no unanimity on why this day to claim this recipe, but in most specialized portals its French origin is cited. It was there and in the court of a historical "foodie" like Louis XIV where the first béchamel was cooked, which is the key to this recipe. The crunchy cover was also incorporated there.

Centuries later, the secret of his success - which has led him to star in internet portals, international days and Trending Topic - is his versatility, both at home and in catering. In this there seems to be consensus.

And is that currently there is no recipe that evokes more nostalgia and noses the chicks out of the nest than the croquettes. At this point the originality is banished, because nobody has ever tasted better than "my mother's croquettes", the normal ones, which are usually known as "cocido o puchero" , depending on where the author comes from. We must also draw attention to their contribution to the fight against food waste - as they are often done with "leftovers" - and we also get a recipe "committed" to one of the challenges of the current diet.

Croquettes and restoration

In the restoration have already tried all kinds of avant-garde creations around this dish. They tell me that in a restaurant on the Costa del Sol it was served in the 70s ice cream croquettes. Only this week we have received proposals for restaurants where they prepare them with touches of vermouth, black pudding and almonds, carabineros or "fresh milk". It is a classic in the letters of most locals and is also the third preferred cap according to official studies, so it also adds to the "Marca España" of the table.

The best croquette recipe: ask at home

We could offer you the keys to get the recipes of the croquettes right in a "decalogue", "five key points" or three "basic secrets" that go through today's webs eager to obtain a good position on the Internet.

To be original and different, we recommend another recipe, that of going to the experts of each house. Surely in a brief audio whatsapp are able to explain the simplicity of a dish that, whatever the day, always evokes the flavors of home. Emotional cuisine they call him .


Publicado: 16 01 2019
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# International Day of the country
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